Finalized Europe Tour Dates with Nasum
Posted: September 9, 2012

It has come to our attention that Europe deserves sentencing to whiplash without parole, and as fair and balanced as we are it only seems fair we deliver every one of the goods. Black Breath invades your continent for the second time this year to hand down the ruling in September and October alongside Nasum and other pulverizing maniacs. Below are the final dates with cities and venues listed. Look closely as some minor changes have been made over the last weeks. If any further changes occur we will post an update, but for now our route of all evil is as such:


21 @ Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg (Sweden) w/ Nasum, Skitsystem
22 @ Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Denmark) w/ Nasum
23 @ Logo, Hamburg (Germany) w/ Nasum
24 @ Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht (The Netherlands) w/ Nasum
25 @ Underworld, London (UK) w/ Nasum
26 @ Glazart, Paris (France) w/ Nasum
27 @ Usine, Geneva (Switzerland) w/ Nasum
28 @ Backstage, Munich (Germany) w/ Nasum
29 @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana (Slovenia) w/ Nasum
30 @ Durer Kert, Budapest (Hungary) w/ Nasum


1 @ Randall Club, Bratislava (Slovakia) w/ Nasum
2 @ Barrack, Ostrava (Czech Republic) w/ Nasum
3 @ Klub Kwadrat, Krakow (Poland) w/ Nasum
4 @ Magnet, Berlin (Germany) w/ Nasum
5 @ KB, Malmö (Sweden) w/ Nasum, Skitsystem, Pyramido
6 @ Debaser Medis, Stockholm (Sweden) w/ Nasum, Skitsystem, Massgrave
7 @ Nosturi, Helsinki (Finland) w/ TBA